HornDance at Coastcon

HornDance at Coastcon

Where did it all start?

With the Books to begin with… But even before the books came the Gamers. A long time ago, in the mid-eighties, a bunch of people got together to role play. All of us had enjoyed other gaming groups before and were looking forward to playing together. We used a combination of tabletop systems, mostly preferring G.U.R.P.S. aka General Universal Role Playing System, because it allowed us to adapt anything we wanted into our games. It granted a freedom not before seen in the other RP, (aka role-play(ing),) systems. We played many genres; From Swashbucklers, to Cyber Punk, to High Fantasy; replete with duels, knights and damsels in distress. Then we found the First BorderTown Book….

The first anthology was simply titled; “Borderland.” It was edited by Terri Windling and Mark Alan Arnold, released and published by Signet in 1986, (Ed Note: It has since been re-published by Tor Books. Look for it today!) It has some of the most wonderful writers with some of the most memorable characters and stories… Our RP group found this new universe full of wonder and excitement; It wasn’t long befor we began to play our own creations in BorderTown. Soon we were amassing BorderTown stories of our own; Lacing the history provided in “Borderlands” with our characters growing pasts. BorderTown became a home away from home to all of us.

We have RPed BorderTown frequently at Sci-Fi/Fantasy Conventions, allowing others to find pleasure in the world where the kids rule the streets and magic mixed with music flows like a life line. And anything, literally anything, can happen….. It was a quick and easy step to Live Action Role-Playing, aka L.A.R.P. Horn Dance, with permission from the Lady herself, Terri Windling, came into being and has earned their reputation based on their love of BorderTown!!! We have sponsored many events at con’s, and have often volunteered as a whole group in order to allow us, as Horn Dance, to “bring to the World the magik of the Border.” From a live staged performance of a B-Town song written by two of our rping group, to sing-alongs and Rping panels, Horn Dance is never shy about their love of BorderTown and it’s many creators. Our chant: “Buy the BOOKS! Then they’ll have to make more!!!!”

BorderTown Finds Online.

The Nineties brought the advent of AOL and the FFGF, aka Free-Form Gaming Forum. Those in our gaming group who had access to online began to venture out into the environs known as the RDI’s, aka Red Dragon Inns, with characters they had originally created off line. These BorderTown characters brought with them their own special brand of love for B-Town. There were few of us then, but not anymore! ::winks.:: As technology advances faster then Superman can fly, or so it seems, more and more of our gaming group has been getting online access. Typical of any rp gaming group, we wanted an SL, (aka story line,) where we could all play together. So the Bloods came to Rhydin. For those who have not yet read the books, I am sure you do not get the depths or the magnitude of our choice of Gang. Our time would have been easier in the beginning say if we had picked the Pack; the HUMAN Gang. But, Nooooooo, we wanted to play it all the way out; we wanted to be the “Bad Guys.”; We wanted to be The Bloods…

As a bunch of uppity, snitty, oft rude and truly egomaniacal TrueBloods, (aka Elves,) our Bloods began to plant the seeds that would grow into the reputation they hold today. “The Bad Guys” scheme didn’t last very long; over a short time the Bloods were forced to adapt to their new environment. Gone were the days of open bigotry, now they held the facade of acceptance. None really knew what lurked behind those doors of Onyx House… But many were willing to question. The Bloods took great advantage, earning themselves the title of Rhydin’s Elven Mafia. This was taken as a complement and is played off of even today! Yet their initial agenda and the meaning behind their creation has never flagged! From the beginning, The Bloods were merely a device for an everlasting story line that allows us to weave our World of wonder, BorderTown, with that of the FFGF Realm, Rhydin, together.

“Bringing the magik alive!”

It is to this end we work, even today after all we have been through. It’s all about sharing the wonder of a world created by a slew of talented artists!!!! BorderTown, and all the Books, have added elements to our lives that not even we dreamed they could. For this we pay tribute to the Lady who created it all: Ms. Windling, Thanks! You touched our lives with a little magic. And to all the Writers; without your efforts we would not be blessed with such adventures! We would never have known theses wonderful characters, (too many for me to name, tried that and had to laugh as I just kept going, and going and going…) Thank you all!

Oh, And one last thing…. Should any of the authors read this: Please, WRITE MORE STORIES!! Help us keep the magik alive!