Here is a list of Places in Bordertown:

Body Shop, The

The gym where Alison Gros used to work out of. It’s under new management now.

Border, the

The actual border that is controlled by elven magic. Humans can not cross as horrible things will happen to them!!!

Borderlands, the

The land that surrounds B-Town. It is full of chaos and magic gone astray. This is a dangerous place for the unwary!!! Monster that may never even have been dreamed of haunt these lands.

Burbs, the

Suburbia hell. Both humans and elves have one. The humans have theirs in the Flatlands, the Elves have theirs in Elftown, the edge closest to the Lands.

Church of Saintliness

On Middletown St. In Pleasant Gardens, the human suburb. The church that publishs the Church Times, and where their printing press is located.

Courthouse Square

Where high Traders meet, to discuss business.


Owned by Dancer. Strider, Sai, and Goldy bounce, as does Wolfboy when the need arises.. At end of Ho Street, across from Snappin’ Wizard’s and The Hard Luck Cafe, an all night dinner.

Dancing Ferret

Owned and run by Ferrel Din. Laura works here. No fighting among gangs are allowed. The hottest spot in Soho!!! Light show done by Kate Murdock, Special Effects Extrodinare’.

Docks, The

(Wharf) Fish are sold here daily as are other produce, much like the French Market. Wharf Rat’s control area.

Dojo, The

Koga Sensai’s Karate Establishment. Located in Dragon’s Town. His law rules within these walls. The Dojo is on the second floor over a Trader’s shop. The Shop sells Japanese and other oriental relics, plus a few things from the Land as well. It looks seldom visited. The highbrows use this place often.

Dragon’s Claw Bridge

Leads to and from Dragon’s Tooth Hill. Is that a Troll under there?

Dragon’s Tooth Hill

Where High Council Members and those who are well off live.


a.k.a. New Asia. Oriental area. Dragon’s are the gang. Sandwiched between the Scandal District and Soho. Magic is more unpredictable here.

Electra Lightworks Build

The Packs headquarters.


Section in the north of town where the elves of middle class have settled. The Fare-you-well park area.


The only bookstore in Soho. Run by Mickey, once involved with Ron, aka Wolfboy.

Factory, The

Caters to human’s. Oldest club in B-Town. Managed by George, a vicious bigot.


Reference to the Elflands. Used often by Truebloods and those who claim B-Town as birthplace, or home for a long time.

Fare-you-well Park

Northernmost corner of the city, in the hills. Where Elftown is.

Fern College

B-Town college, well known for it’s arts.


Where the ‘burb’s are. It is what they call the stretch of land between the hills.


Where Trader’s Heaven now exists. Used to be a mall.

Gold Crown, The

Restaurant on the edge of Soho and Dragon Town.

Guiterrez’s Store

One of the first stores in B-Town. Right after the Change.

Hard Luck Cafe

Next door to Snappin’ Wizard’s Surplus. Across the street from Danceland. Buddy and Hector work here. Liza is one the waitress’.

Hell’s Gate

At the end of Hell Street. The edge of the city that is closest to the World. Beyond Hell’s Gate stretches the Border. Trailer parks and old house’s are what grace this area. It isn’t very safe to live this close to the Border. Sometimes things can come wandering in. Where Hector lives.

Highlander, The

Night club. (Nightwail, bk.#3.)

Hot Club, The

Exotic dance club in the Scandal District. Sara and Lolly Dove work here. It is owned by Rugger, a real ass.

Juvie Jail

Located on Water St. Where the juvenile offender’s go to “spend time.”

Lands, the

A reference to the Elflands.

Lee Ho Fouks

Chinese restaurant in Soho.

Lhasa Tea House

End of Changs Alley. A Tibetan tea house where Deki likes to hang.

Little Earth

Territory controlled by the Thunderbirds


The name Wolfboy gave what appears to be the ruins of Los Angeles.

Lost Sequoia, The

Old Rock and roll club in Soho. Likes the classics… Led Zeppelin etc.

Mad River Valley

East of B-Town.

Mad River

Addictive to humans. It flows from the Lands and is tainted with magic. It’s red in color and tastes really, really bad…. ::chuckles.:: Slang: Big Bloody. The water will drive a human insane.

Magic Lantern

B-Town’s movie theater. Where sometimes, when the magic is right, you may get to see more than a movie!


A take out food joint that deals only in Elven Food. The food is brought in from across the border. Not too expensive really.

Mock Avenue Church

Where the Artists in the Mock Ave. Studio lived. They lived in the bell tower. Hale, Ash, Robbin, Bear, and Linny. (Book cover art is by Hale, the token human and one of the few that has partaken of Dragon’s milk and lived.)

Mock Avenue Bell Tower and clock

Mock Ave. Bell Tower Clock. It is always running extremely fast. Two hours and fifteen minutes to be exact. From the top of the tower you can see the Mad River Valley, and North of the tower is the Elflands. This side had been walled up to keep the evil of the Lands from harming the humans, or is that the other way round?

Museum, The

Stick’s place. By fare-you-well park.

New Asia

a.k.a. Dragontown. Oriental area. Dragon’s are the gang. Sandwiched between the Scandal District and Soho. Magic is more unpredictable here.

New City

Where corporate dealings are done. This part of the city is nearest to the World. Cars and electricity are common. Guns still act up, and some technology is still useless. Magic flows but in lines. This part of BorderTown looks much like any other city, yet the Elven influence is still apparent in the architecture.

Oberon House

Where the elves steal human childrens lives, dreams, and freedom. The Bards were started from the children that survived this place.

Old City

This is the side of BorderTown closest to the Lands. Magic runs rampant here. It is past the old wall, the city they have forgotten. It is run by gangs and shelter for the races runaways. Since this is where Soho is, the Old City is often called by that name as well.

Old Wall, The

By the river. Surrounds Soho. On one side is the Wharves, on the other the is Ho Street.

Pleasant Gardens

Name of Human Suburb. Where both Hale and Linny are from. Willowcrest Academy is the school.

Promenade, the

A lot of ritzy art galleries are located here. It is on the “Good” side of Dragon’s Claw Bridge.(This area comes into being a few years after the “Change”.)

Riverside Bridge

Located near the docks known as Riverside.

Riverside Market

Located on the Wharves. Where fish and fresh veggie’s are sold.


What the wharves are called.

Roses of Bordertown

A Hotel or Boarding House. Where Linden was staying.

Scandal District

As the name suggests. Girl’s in the skin trade work here. Laura lives here. It is one of the least expensive neighborhoods to live in, that is if you are paying rent…

Snappin’ Wizard’s Surplus and Salvage

At the end of Ho street with an all night cafe, The Hard Luck Cafe’, next door and Danceland across the street. A great place to find parts for your bike, or stuff you might need while traversing the Borderlands.


Where the action is. This is part of the old city. Not many adults or real families live here. It is the realm of the kids of B-Town.

Squatter Theater

An impromptu theater troupe in Soho. They perform on Carnival Street, when the mood strikes them.


Human suburb that is on the other side of the Mad River from Soho, kind of next door to the Hill.

Taco Hell

Mingus runs and owns this place, along with his gang, the Thunderbirds. Equivalent to Taco Bell. Lot’s of Kid’s hang there. Cheap food, neutral area. Mingus is known for his Meltdown Burrito’s, and his generosity to familiar kids. Used to be a car dealers showroom.

Third Street Printer’s Guild

Does cheap printing fast.


Where Hobo’s like to live. There used to be a Digger House here.

Trader’s Heaven

Located in the Galleria Mall. Where B-Town meet’s to trade. There is a constant patrol of Silver Suits and Plainclothes men here. It is the heart of B-Town economy and will be duly protected.

Troll Bridge

Located out by the Border? There are trailer parks out this way. Perhaps it’s near Hell’s Gate? (Mockery, E. Kushner, and B. Bach. B-Town, bk. #2, pg. 204.)

Tumbledown Park

Where the Khandromas like to skate. This is in Hell’s Gate. It’s run down but it has a lot of ramps and is a skaters paradise. This is where Alison Gros was confronted.

Underground, the

Live music club in Soho, a block away from the Ferret. Ysa Cran liked to hang out here.

Water Street Bakery

Located on Water Street. The best to be found on in the Scandal District. In fact, in all of Soho!

Water Street Slums

Tenements that are located on Water Street in the Scandal District.

WaterStreet Jail

The jail that is closest to Soho. This is where the Suits take the kids they “arrest”.

Wheat Sheaf, The

Exclusive elven club. This is the place where Ron and Leda had their first true encounter… Remember those earrings???

Willowcrest Academy

The school for the Pleasant Garden suburbs. Both Linny and Hale from the Mock Ave. Studio attended this school.

World, the

Refers to the earth as we know it now. Well, ok, after the “Change”.