The following is a list of bands from Bordertown.

BTU’S, The.

Now defunct. Of it’s original members only Larry, Marsh, and Dandi are left.

Cats Laughing.

A real band, and a B-Town Band.

Drag ’em Down.

Band that plays at the Underground.

Eldritch Steel

Wicker played harp in this mixed band with Gray as lyricist.. This band also included Raven, Maggie Woodsdatter on drums, and some Elfpipe player guy that Wicker picked up in the park.


Popular for awhile for their heavy sound.

Hard Edge.

DeeDee is their lead singer. Their current hit song is; “Streets Nights.”

Home Services.

B-Town band. Does a re-make of a song from an ancient B-Town Band, Roundhead.

Horn Dance

Luck of B-Town.(info. BL pg. 182-185) Peaceful and Musical. Started by humans, but believe in peace amongst races. Halfies and Elves are welcome.

Leaf and Winter’s Sorrow.

Played an M-Bassy Ball. Popular for the folk songs.

Locas Tambien.

Real or fiction, Orient mentions it in Danceland, Bk. #2.

Magical Madness.

Eadric is the Lead singer. The Bassist is a halfie female, now dating Eadric.

New Blood Review-NBR.

They fired Wicker. Lari, drummer. Raven, synthesizer. Sprite, guitar. John Thomas, bassist.


Ancient B-Town Band. No longer around, or are they?


Old world band. Scooter used to be in it.

Wild Hunt.

Linden is the Lead singer. They have a hyperharpist, and an elfpipe player.