Sometimes Location matters!  Here is a list of Streets in Bordertown:

Avalon St.

On the Hill. Leda’s father lives at #37.


Street that crosses Ho St.

Brick Street.

Dragontown. Water St. intersects with Brick.

Calameade St.

This is a street mentioned in Mockery, where Jose’ has moved his store. This is based on a older, or newer, B-Town. One where Soho’s Ho St. has become a carbon copy of the Dragon’s Tooth Promenade.

Carnival Street

By the Ferret? Charis. Carnival and Ho street meet, and that’s where the Ferret is.

Changs Alley.

Off Lo St. There is a little Tibetan tea shop, Lhasa Tea House, at the end of the alley. Deki is a frequent customer.

Chrystoble St.

Where the Electra Light Works is, the Pack Headquarters.

Coldwater Street.

Intersects with Crescent.

Crescent Street.

Monaghie turns onto this street. Derrida Blvd. intersects Crescent.

Cutter St.

The street by fare-you-well park and the Museum.

Derrida Blvd.

Intersects with Crescent St.

Dragon’s Claw Bridge

Leads to and from Dragon’s Tooth Hill.

Gateway St.

Intersects with Hell St. Where Dragger’s go to Drag Race.

Hell Street.

The street where Hell’s Gate is located.

Hell’s Gate.

At the end of Hell Street. The edge of the city that is closest to the World. Beyond Hell’s Gate stretches the Border. Trailer parks and old house’s are what grace this area. It isn’t very safe to live this close to the Border. Sometimes things can come wandering in. Where Hector Lives.

Hideaway Rd.

Street where Laura’s mother lives in the Scandal District.

Hideaway St.

In the Scandal District. Intersects Water St.

Ho Street.

Main Street in Soho. Many clubs branch off of Ho Street. It eventually leads to the Wharf. Ho St. is neutral for all gangs.

Lo St.

Dragontown. Leads to Changs Alley.

Mad River Valley.

East of B-Town.

Middleton Street.

Linny from the Mock Ave. Studio lived at 299. This is in the flatlands, where the human burbs are.

Middletown Street.

A main street in the suburbs of Pleasant Gardens, the human burbs located in the Flatlands. The Church of Saintliness is on this street.

Mock Ave.

Intersects Ho St. Where the Mock Ave. Bell Tower is. Mock Ave. Bell Tower Clock. It is always running extremely fast. Two hours and fifteen minutes to be exact.

Monaghie Drive.

Located in the mountains. Turns into Crescent.

Riverside Bridge.

Located near the docks known as Riverside.


Street leading from the Wharves to Trader’s Heaven.

Third Street.

Connects to Ho street, and to Water Street. The Third Street Printers Guild is located on this street, go figure.

Troll Bridge.

Located out by the Border? There are trailer parks out this way. Perhaps it’s near Hell’s Gate? (Mockery, E. Kushner, and B. Bach. B-Town, bk. #2, pg. 204.)

Water Street.

Runs Through Dragontown. Alongside the street runs a stone wall that has a canal on it’s other side. It used to run with clear water and snake through Dragontown and The Scandal District. There are Noodle Houses, and different Asian dining establishment’s located along this street. There are Tenements on this street known as the Water Street Slums.

West Rd.

Leads out of B-Town.

Woodland Street.

Intersects with Derrida Blvd. Scooter and Roxanne lived on the corner in an old teahouse.