Welcome to the Bloods FFRP Playing Group’s Bordertown/Borderlands Archive!

We take no credit for this material, it is based off of the Borderland Series, edited by Terri Windling with a slew of writers involved.  We credit the writers and the stories from where the information we provide has come.

PLEASE NOTE:  Over the fifteen years of role-play in the FFRP AOL community, (and now on Dragon’s Mark), the Bloods have evolved from the book series into something unique.  The material provided in this archive is merely a reference point, the foundation or past history of the Bloods currently in Rhy’Din.  Much has changed from the early days, but one thing remains true: without the Borderland Series, our Bloods would never have existed.  We will forever hail the original authors’ for the treasures they have given us, and the inspiration that has brought us this far.

We in the Bloods Gaming Group believe in keeping what others have written pure.  We do not make any attempts to “commandeer”, “take over” or steal away any of the original material.  Instead, we use it as a foundation.  It remains in the original authors’ hands to make any change to the locales, characters, and settings from the books.  Instead, we focus on our characters and their growth in Rhy’Din, leaving Bordertown as pure and untouched by us as the original authors’ creations.  It is the respect we offer for the permission to play in the universe originally created by others.  We ask that any who play with us, offer the same.  Thanks, as always, Merry Gaming!

The Bloods FFRP Gaming Group